Lectures/Book Readings Pakistani Women Through The Years--Address to Pakistan Welfare Association Southampton on Pakistan Day--March 23, 2012

Pakistan Future Leaders Conference, Oxford University, February 3-5, 2012---Expert, Legal Committee Contributed and provided legal insight on the following topics:
  • Hudood Ordinance and the Women Protection Act
  • Judiciary-Executive Tussle
  • Blasphemy Law
  • Labour Rights

Pakistan Young Leaders Conference, Oxford University, 11-13 February 2011---Chair, Legal Committee Topics Discussed:
  • Blashphemy Law
  • Candidacy Laws (Articles 62 &63 of the Pakistani Constitution)
  • Judicial Reform

  • Click to view: Draft prepared by Chair explaining background and relevance of each of the three topics under discussion
  • Click to view: Resolutions adopted by Legal Committee on each of the three topics after 3 days of debate and discussion
  • Address at Oxford University seminar on Roots of Extremism, May 25, 2009 click to view text

Book Readings
  • Centre for Advanced Studies, Karachi—January 31, 2007
  • Karachi High School, Karachi—January 26, 2007
  • Centre for Advanced Studies, Karachi—January 18, 2007