Sunday, April 7th, 2013


Pakistani Author Published in America

A Pakistani writer, Ayesha Ijaz Khan, has written a novel about the Pakistani expatriate community in America. Rodeo Drive to Raja Bazaar has now been released and is available for sale through Amazon, etc.
Spanning a decade (1994-2004), Rodeo Drive to Raja Bazaar is a social and political portrait of contemporary Pakistan and its immigrant population in America. With its mixture of the rich, poor and middle classes, democracy interspersed with military rule, liberals facing off with conservatives, and increasing interplay of religion, the novel is at once humorous, thought-provoking, and an easy read for all ages.
Natasha is ten years old when her parents take her back to Islamabad. Born and bred in Los Angeles, she is less than keen on the move. Slowly she assimilates, guided by a grandmother who is determined to transform her and discovering the customary traditions through funerals and weddings. When an early marriage presents the opportunity to move back to the land of her birth, however, Natasha jumps at it, only to be disappointed by the less than favorable treatment of Muslims she witnesses in post-9/11 America.
Ayesha Ijaz Khan was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and educated variously at American schools in Saudi Arabia and Islamabad. She did her bachelors degree from The College of William & Mary and earned her Juris Doctor degree from UCLA School of Law. She is a lawyer by profession and currently lives in London, England with her husband.
The novel has been published by Maryland-based Publish America and can be purchased from on-line bookstores such as,, or ordered through brick and mortar stores all over the United States. The retail price is $19.95.




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